Sky Kooky 2 Bi

A predictable wing, that is equally suitable for sharing your acro-passion with passengers, as well as instructing future acro-pilots.

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Acro gliders need to be fast, precise and dynamic. In the case of tandems, additional traits, such as easy launching and predictable landing, are a must and I think here we don’t need to write about the behaviour of the glider in take-off and landing. These properties combined with light brake forces and intuitive handling make the KOOKY 2 Bi the most comprehensive acro tandem glider on the market.

But make no mistakes: KOOKY 2 Bi is suitable for manoeuvres such as rhythmic SAT to Infinity and tumbling!

KOOKY 2 Bi´s character differs depending on wing-loading: Heavier payloads provide more speed and dynamic handling while light duos can make use of the trimmers to give the wing more punch. Starting to fly the KOOKY 2 Bi, we recommend beginning with a low wing-loading (light passenger) to get used to the glider´s characteristics, before getting serious.

Target group:

  • professional tandem pilots with experience on acro solo-wings
  • acro instructors who wish to show entries and exits to students

Key features:

  • easy launch, as KOOKY 2 BI is solid-bearing without excessive speed
  • light and predictable (lower wing-loading) or fast and dynamic (heavier wing-loading) transitions
  • enough power for advanced acro tricks
  • transparent, forgiving and intuitive behaviour in flight
  • high passive safety
  • simple landing