Sky Kooky 2

KOOKY 2 is the jack of all acro-trades: The larger sizes promote a predictable and easy entry into the world of acro paragliding, while the small sizes are ideal for the latest tricks up to international competition level.

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Acro maneuvers requires a fast, precise and dynamic wing. But when learning those tricks a forgiving and predictable glider with great feedback, soft transitions and therefore a large amount of built-in safety is important as well. Depending on wing-loading, KOOKY 2 serves both needs.

The design of such a wing is a demanding task: A small canopy will provide enough energy for acro maneuvers, but will be unforgiving in transitions and unavoidable mistakes during the learning process. A conventional sized wing will be more forgiving, but limiting to the advancing acro pilot, lacking in precision, energy levels and dynamic handling. With KOOKY2 we managed to combine a surprisingly low wing-loading with the right amount of speed, dynamics and kinetic energy.

KOOKY 2 takes these qualities one step further: The two larger sizes enable thermal flying as well as a measured and predictable entry into and exit from tumbling. Size 18m (flat surface) is the entry ticket for intermediate and advanced recreational acro pilots – more speed, crisper handing and faster transitions, but still with predictable behaviour. With KOOKY 2 we added the sizes 16 and 14 for expert and competition acro pilots; these fast wings enable the latest tricks with lightning-fast and extremely precise transitions.

Target groups:

Sizes 22 and 20: Advanced and intermediate pilots beginning their acro paragliding journey, who need a wing on which they can safely practice advanced tricks.

Size 18: Acro intermediates or heavier more experienced pilots searching for more dynamic handling and extra-speed.

Sizes 16 and 14: Highly professional acro pilots who need maximum speed and dynamics for the latest most difficult tricks and lightning-fast transitions.


Key features:

  • soft and predictable (sizes 20 & 22) or fast and dynamic transitions (sizes 18 and smaller)
  • measured power (all sizes)
  • forgiving behaviour to be the ideal acro learning tool (sizes 20 & 22)
  • powerful, but still transparent behaviour for very advanced acro tricks (sizes 18 and smaller)
  • efficient climbing ability in thermals (sizes 20 & 22)